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60 Series Tube Fittings and Tubing
60 Series Tube Fittings and Tubing

60 Series Tube Fittings and Tubing

60 Series Tube Fittings and Tubing 下载

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¤  Coned-and-threaded connection.

¤  Metal-to-metal seal provides perfect leak-tight service from critical vacuum to high pressure.

¤  Anti-vibration connection components available.

¤  Fittings are easy to disconnect and retighten.

¤  Material is high tensile 316 stainless steel.

¤  Every fitting is stamped with size, material and heat code.

Working Pressure

¤  Working pressures for 60 series tube end connections used in this catalog are identified below.

Data in this table is applied only to the working temperature below 800°

above 800°F (427° C), please consult FITOK Group, then we will provide you relative solutions.


Working Temperature

¤  Temperature Rating: -423°F (-252°C) to 1200°F (649°C).


Installation Instructions

¤  Refer to the Tools andIn stallation Instructions.



¤  Do not loosen or tighten fittings under pressure.



The extreme vibration or shock, such as mobile pressure systems or long tubing runs culminating at a compressor that the tubing

systems are subjected to, will be prevented by using FITOK Anti-Vibration Gland Assemblies. These assemblies use the same

reliable connection geometries as the standard FITOK fittings, with the added advantage of essentially unlimited vibrational

A coned and threaded tube, when subjected to unusual or excessive vibration, may fail prematurely and break at the last thread.

FITOK Anti-Vibration Gland Assembly acts to move the fulcrum of vibration away from the threaded part of the tube and onto

the strong, solid wall of the tubing. A wedge-like collet firmly holds the assembly in place, virtually eliminating premature tubing

failure while reliably maintaining a leakage-free connection between the tube and the connection seat.

60 Series Tubing

¤  Working pressure: 60000 psig (4137 bar) .

¤  316 and 304 stainless steel are standard materials. Other materials are available upon request.

¤  Material, size and heat code are indicated on the tubing surface.

Add the actual foot (feet)/meter (meters) as a suffix to the basic ordering number

to get the complete ordering number.

For example:

1. 10 feet length, O.D. is 1/4", I.D. is 0.083", 316 SS 60 series tube, the ordering number is: SS-HT- 6 FH4-10.

2. 3 meters length, O.D. is 9/16", I.D. is 0.188", 304 SS 60 series tube, the complete

ordering number is: S4-HT-6FH9-3M.





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